Cadet Salutes

Cadets of the 82 Brandon Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron worked really hard and earned the Brandon Salutes “Cadet Salute” for 2017. On Friday, October 6, 2017, they received their “prize” of a fun sports night. Huge thanks to Boston Pizza for donating pizza for everyone. And extra thanks to Natasha Rupa of the BU Bobcats Women’s Soccer Team for giving her time and talent by putting the cadets through their paces.

Each year Brandon Salutes honors a Brandon cadet organization with a “Cadet Salute” to the corps that best exemplifies the Brandon Salutes mission to foster the relationship between the civilian and military communities in Brandon. This is accomplished by the community work, weekly activities, and overall esprit-de-corps that cadets conduct. They may not be a direct part of the military community but they do take pride in wearing their uniforms, strive to be good citizens and cadets, and continue their education, all of which are part of the military ethos.

 cadets workout 2 cadets workout 1

Cadets pizza 1