CFB Shilo Facts

Located 35 kilometres east of Brandon, Canadian Forces Base Shilo has been the site of military activity in the region since 1910. Camp Sewell, later re-named Camp Hughes, was located approximately 10 kms north of present day Shilo. Permanent construction in the area we know today as CFB Shilo started in 1932. The training area of CFB Shilo covers almost 40,000 hectares, an area approximately 15 km by 30 kms.

About 1,500 military and 440 civilian personnel currently work at CFB Shilo. During the summer reserve training period as many as 500 additional military personnel will undergo basic or qualification training at the base.

With a current resident population of approximately 1700 people the base has nearly 700 private married quarters, operates its own sewer and water system and provides fire and ambulance services to base residents and neighbouring communities.

Economic Impact

  • Expends about $91 million in salaries annually
  • Operating Costs – $10.4 million annually

Units that call CFB Shilo home:

  • 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1RCHA)
  • 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2PPCLI)
  • Western Area Training Centre Detachment - Shilo
  • 731 Signals Squadron
  • 11 CF Health Services Centre
  • 1 Dental Detachement
  • Home Station Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA)
  • Communications Reserve (summer basic recruit training)
  • 26th Field Regiment RCA (Brandon’s reserve unit)
  • 17 area Cadet units

The RCA Museum is the second largest military museum in Canada and is located at CFB Shilo. It boasts the largest and most complete collection of Canadian made military vehicles in the world and the largest and most complete inventory of artillery systems and documentation in Canada. Its’ archives are used by researchers throughout the country. Its’ collection includes national treasures like an original printing plate for the famous poem by John McCrae “In Flanders Fields”.
CFB Shilo participates in many community organizations including:

  • B.E.S.T. member
  • Brandon Chamber of Commerce member
  • Shilo Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Brandon Military Relations Committee
  • Brandon and District United Way
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation – Teddy Bears Picnic supporter